Medical Team

The foundation of the PronoKal® Method's success lies in teamwork: during the whole weight-loss process, the patient has the support and constant advice of a complete team of dietitians, technicians and experts in physical activity and coaching (emotional support). These professionals, along with the doctor, make up the multidisciplinary PronoKal® Method team.

With the PronoKal® Method the patient is always accompanied on the way to achieving his or her objectives.

The counselling by the dietitian team and the physical activity and coaching experts are available in person and for 24 hours a day through the exclusive Patients' Web. This is a virtual space where patients find all the help needed to follow the method easily and pleasantly. It offers recipes, cooking tips, motivational articles, physical activity charts and contact with our experts and with other people in the same situation, among many other services.

  • The doctor is responsible for detecting and diagnosing the disease, setting the weight loss goal, planning the treatment and ensuring the patient's safety through regular analytical monitoring of his or her health status.
  • The team of dietitians advises and guides the patient in the application of the method, helping in the selection and preparation of PronoKal® products and resolving any doubts he or she may have about nutrition.
  • Meanwhile, the physical activity specialists help patients integrate movement into their daily activities, as a habit of healthy living, and prescribe individualised exercise programs according to each patient's capacity.
  • Professional coaches help people connect with their inner resources and potential to reach their targets, detecting internal and mental resistance or emotional blockages and helping to identify and resolve them.

Patient support team: doctor, nutritionists, physical activity and coaching specialists

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