1. What is the PronoKal® Method?
    The PronoKal® Method is a personalised weight-loss programme under medical supervision based on a Protein Diet, the goal of which is to lose weight right from the start and maintain long-term results. It is divided into three stages: Active, Physiological Adaptation and Maintenance. During the first stage, up to 80% of excess weight is lost.
  2. I have heard that with the PronoKal® Method weight loss is very rapid. How long does the treatment last?
    According to the Prokal Study, the weight loss achieved by the PronoKal® Method after 15 days was 5.31 kg, compared to 2.34 kg of the hypocaloric diet, while over two months the weight lost is almost three times higher (13.69 kg vs. 4.88 kg).

    The length of treatment depends on the number of kilos that the patient needs to lose. Although what we can say is that the loss is much faster than with other diets and that fat is lost locally where it has accumulated most.

  3. I've heard that with the PronoKal® Method you can keep your weight down in the long term. What is the secret?
    During the second stage of the PronoKal® Method the patient undergoes physiological adaptation. The body works to stabilise the hormonal system, increase basal metabolism and restore insulin levels, changes which are directly related to weight management. This, together with the new lifestyle habits the multidisciplinary team promotes from the beginning of the treatment will help the patient to maintain their weight in the long term. The treatment also includes 2-year patient monitoring by all areas of the multidisciplinary team, providing all the support and advice required to maintain the success the patient has achieved.
  4. We hear a lot about how safe the PronoKal® Method is. Is it really true?
    The PronoKal® Method is performed under medical supervision in order to evaluate the patient's health state during the entire process. According to studies, such as the ProKal Study, side effects are mild and 92% of patients report being satisfied or very satisfied with the treatment.
  5. Are counselling nutrition services, physical activity and coaching included in treatment?
    Yes, advisory services in nutrition, physical activity and coaching are all part of PronoKal® Method; that's why they are available exclusively, free of charge and tailored to individual requirements whenever required.
  6. My doctor says that ketosis is not dangerous and it does not make you feel hungry. Is that true? How does it differ from ketoacidosis?
    The ketosis induced by the PronoKal® Method is an adaptive metabolic state and is safe. It should never be confused with ketoacidosis. The key difference between the two is that ketoacidosis only occurs when insulin is absent, that is, in type 1 diabetic patients.

    Ketosis occurs when the supply of carbohydrates (sugars) in the diet is low and, therefore, the body has to use fat reserves for energy needs. This process leads to the formation of so called ketone bodies, which will be used as fuel for specific organs and produce a psychostimulant effect.

    On the other hand, ketoacidosis is a serious condition that occurs in type 1 diabetic patients when they are unbalanced. In this case, the levels of glucose (blood sugar) are high, but as the body cannot use the glucose because there is a shortage of insulin, and ketone bodies are generated quickly and uncontrollably.This overproduction of ketone bodies creates major imbalances leading to a critical situation, with decreased blood pH, demineralization and severe dehydration.

  7. I've been on several diets and I felt very tired. How will I feel with this method?
    You may feel some signs of exhaustion during the first 3 days. However, once the metabolism enters into the state of ketosis, these symptoms disappear as ketone bodies produce a psychostimulant effect, so that the patient feels wellbeing and vitality. In addition, the treatment at all times avoids states of deficiency thanks to the proper administration of sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, vitamins and omega 3 +6 supplements.
  8. Are there any contraindications for treatment?
    Age and certain diseases, such as severe renal impairment may condition application of the treatment. In any case, the doctor prescribing the PronoKal® Method will assess the patient's condition through medical testing and avoid possible contraindications.
  9. Do I need medical checkup?
    Yes, it is a requisite for beginning the treatment. Initially, the doctor will determine the weight loss objectives, metabolic status check and discard possible contraindications. During the remainder of the treatment, the doctor will regularly monitor the patient's condition.

    At present, we have more than 4,000 prescribers worldwide.

  10. What do PronoKal® products contain?
    The nutritional profile of PronoKal® products has been specifically developed by the R & D department to provide 15 grams of High Biological Value protein with minimal carbohydrates and fats.

    These products come in different formats and flavours to meet different patient needs.

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