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PronoKal® Method Stages

The method is divided into three stages: Active, Physiological Adaptation and Maintenance. In the first stage, the Active Stage, duration varies according to the weight loss that is required. This is when 80% of excess weight is lost by combining PronoKal® products with permitted foods.

At this stage, the patient enters a state of controlled ketosis in which the body expends its energy reserves due to a low intake of fats and carbohydrates. Weight is lost at the expense of accumulated fat, whilst preserving the muscle mass.

In the next stage, Physiological Adaptation, the remaining weight (20% of excess weight) is lost, while the body adapts to the physiological changes it is undergoing. Specifically, the patient’s hormonal system, basal metabolism and insulin levels will become stabilised. These changes, together with the gradual reintroduction of all types of foods and the incorporation of new dietary habits and a healthy lifestyle will help the patient maintain weight loss in the long term.

During the laststage –the Maintenance Stage– the patient, after reaching their target weight, is regularly monitored to help to maintain his or her long-term weight goal. This stage is adapted to the energy characteristics of each patient and combines traditional food products and PronoKal® Maintenance products.

From the start, and up to two years after the end of treatment, the patient receives the support and advice from the PronoKal® team of dietitians, experts in physical activity and experts in coaching (emotional reinforcement).

Description Table of the PronoKal Method Stages

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