What is the PronoKal Group PnK Method?

The PronoKal Group PnK Method is a medical treatment designed to ensure safe and effective weight loss. Furthermore, by resolving lipoinflammation, this method will also help you avoid regaining the weight you lose. The programme is indicated for anyone looking for a healthy way to lose excess weight and achieve their ideal figure.


What is different about the PronoKal Group PnK Method?

The aim of the PronoKal Group PnK Method is to achieve effective weight loss results and to help you avoid regaining the weight lost. It achieves this by applying a unique multidisciplinary approach with a range of products developed using an exclusive, patented formula, ProteinDHA, that has been shown to be effective in clinical trials.


Why is the PronoKal Group PnK Method considered to be a healthy diet?

The PronoKal Group PnK Method is a healthy, scientifically endorsed programme that achieves effective weight loss from the outset. Furthermore, it is carried out with natural products and is implemented and supervised by a multidisciplinary professional team. All these components ensure the programme’s safety, which has also been demonstrated in scientific studies.


What is the ProteinDHA formula?

ProteinDHA is an exclusive formula patented by the PronoKal Group. It is present in all the protein products in the PnK range. These products provide the correct quantity of high-biological-value (high quality) protein and DHA required to effectively improve weight loss and resolve lipoinflammation to help you avoid weight regain after the diet.


What is DHA?

DHA is an essential fatty acid belonging to the omega-3 family. It is found in all the cells of the body. Among the many benefits it offers, including aiding brain function and reducing cardiovascular risk, DHA also plays a key role in the resolution of lipoinflammation, one of the causes of weight regain after performing the diet.


What is lipoinflammation and why is it harmful to my health?

The term lipoinflammation refers to inflammation of the cells of the adipose (fat) tissue, due to overweight and obesity. The increase in the size of fat cells to accommodate excess fat triggers a series of reactions that give rise to inflammation of the fatty tissue. This inflammation is harmful to our health because it favours further weight gain and the onset of cardiovascular disease. This is why weight loss alone will not solve the problem; it is essential also to treat the lipoinflammation, as this will help to prevent weight regain.


Why is the PronoKal Group PnK Method different?

The PronoKal Group PnK Method ketogenic diet is a low-carbohydrate, low-fat diet that forces the body to use its fat stores for energy. The ketogenic diet of the PronoKal Group PnK Method is supervised by a specialist doctor and a nutritionist-coach to ensure its safe application.


What services are included in the PronoKal Group PnK Method?

The key to the success of the PronoKal Group PnK Method is the programme’s unique multidisciplinary team comprising doctors, nutritionist-coaches, physical activity trainers and expert coaches. Together these professionals offer patients an individualised service and provide proactive support to ensure that you implement the treatment correctly and successfully. This advice, support and follow-up, together with other services, are included free of charge during the treatment and for two years after you complete the weight-loss programme.


What do I have to do to achieve the weight loss I envisage?

The key to success is to implement all the components of the PronoKal Group PnK Method correctly (diet, physical activity, coaching and medical supervision) and complete all five steps of the programme. This will lead to weight loss, the resolution of lipoinflammation and the incorporation and consolidation of healthy lifestyle habits.

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